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Come As You Are

Come As You Are

For new London business CAYA, acronym for “Come As You Are”, we created a bold design to distinguish the company's clean brand from the adjacent Brixton graffiti while marrying into the structure of the metal shutter.

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Bottlestop Lexington

Bottlestop Lexington

Bottlestop is a line of artistic bus shelters using recycled bottles & LED solar lighting. This Lexington version repurposes Kentucky’s Ale-8-One bottles to highlight a piece of local culture while inspiring us to look for the beauty in the ordinary.

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Bottlestop Providence

Bottlestop Providence

Bottlestop transforms a Providence, Rhode Island bus shelter into a showcase of the neighborhood's global cultures. Combining half a BILLION beads from Asian, African & South American artisans & repurposed local Del’s Lemonade bottles, we aim to show it's what's inside us that makes us beautiful.

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