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Sing the Songs Inside Your Soul

Sing the Songs Inside Your Soul

We reinterpreted a robin we spotted in Ireland for the interior of new London business, CAYA, to inspire patrons at the community workspace to pursue their own creativity.

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Lady of Fenwick

Lady of Fenwick

A floral flurry flies through the Fenwick apartments, defining the composition of the girl before being defined by her, just as we are both defined by our cultures and the authors of new variation.

Potomac Park Peak

Potomac Park Peak

Completed for a Gensler interior at a new development, a large face grabs attention from oncoming traffic & whisks pedestrians down the corridor to shops & restaurants.

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Alpaca String Art

Alpaca String Art

Two miles of alpaca yarn strings through 5000 nails at the Fenwick Apartments, connecting farmers in Peru, weavers in Istanbul, Turkey, designers in Lexington, Kentucky & a rotating audience in Silver Spring, Maryland into a global tapestry.

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